Many are called — few are chosen – OMGs dealing drugs

In a recent article, the News-Star reported outlaw bikers were distributing a variety of drugs, including crack cocaine, pain pills, and high grade marijuana, in the area of the University of Louisiana Monroe. Those drugs were seized, along with seven firearms, including two that had been reported stolen. A total of nine motorcycles were seized for being used in a crime.

The drug dealers were members of the Chosen Few, known as an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) by law enforcement. OMGs are ongoing organizations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprises. OMGs are highly structured criminal organizations whose members engage in criminal activities such as violent crime, weapons trafficking, and drug trafficking.


OMGs differ from street gangs primarily in their demographics and typical mode of transportation, although for criminal prosecution and enhancements, they may be prosecuted under laws designed for street gangs and other organized crime groups.

Many OMGs , like street gangs and Domestic Terrorist Extremist (DTE) groups, are aligned along racial lines.  The Chosen Few MC were the first racially integrated OMG.  Along with other African American OMGs, the Chosen Few has a males-only membership policy. 

All of the members arrested by police had black leather vests with the gang’s patches. The FBI has consistently reported many current and former OMG members have military experience. and the ATF has reported utilizing active-duty military personnel and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and employees to grow their organizations and areas of control.

Military-trained gang members pose a serious threat to law enforcement and to the public. They learn combat tactics in the military, then return home to utilize these new skills against rival gangs or law enforcement. Military training of individual gang members could ultimately result in more sophisticated and deadly gangs, as well as deadly assaults on law enforcement officers.

That’s the standard writeup for the biennial National Gang Intelligence Center report that summarizes the national threat of gangs and other crime groups. It applies to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs), as well as street gangs and Domestic Terrorist Extremists(DTEs).

Military-trained gang members (MTGM) include street gang, prison gang, OMG, or DTE group member per the applicable jurisdiction’s definition, with military training or experience, as perceived by a reasonable, typical, police officer.

MTGMDefinedMTGMs display indicators that they received military training either directly or indirectly. Indicators of military training include the use of military tactics, weapons, explosives, or equipment to conduct gang activity, and the use of distinctive military skills, particularly if gang members are trained in weapons, tactics, and planning, and then pass the instruction on to other gang members. Military tactics include the techniques and strategies taught in a variety of military occupational specialties, ranging from tactical assault to organizational leadership strategies.

National Gang Intelligence Center

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 1.01.55 PM

The FBI has reported military-trained gang members in all branches of the military since 2005. Of all the issues with gangs and the military, street gang, OMG, and DTE members who have transitioned from the military back to the civilian community are the biggest threat, and the only issue that can be addressed without assistance from the military. Estimates of the number of MTGMs run from between 20,000 and 200,000, or between one and ten percent of the gang members in the country, and that doesn’t include the members of gangs in the military.


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