This site hosts everything you need to know about gangs in the military. We aim to provide you access to the latest research, investigations, and media coverage of all things concerning gangs in the military and military-trained gang members in the community.

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Lots of folks have written about military-trained gang members, but few have done so consistently. In recent memory, CBS, FOX, FBI, the History Channel, and the Stars and Stripes have all covered gangs in the military in one form or another.

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Street gangs have existed for hundreds of years, and were first seen in the United States not long after the country started. The first street gangs with military training appeared in San Francisco, California, not long after the city was founded.

Outlaw Motorcycle (Biker) Gangs have been around since shortly before World War II. The majority of Biker Gangs were started by military or former military service members. There are many military members in today’s OMGs.

Domestic Terrorist/Extremists have existed for quite a while, as well. One of the more (in)famous groups is the Ku Klux Klan, started by a group of Confederate veterans after the Civil War. Sadly, there are many military members in a variety of these groups.

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